Payment Plan Agreement

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This form allows you to make your request for a payment plan, but does NOT GUARNTEE you will be granted a payment arraignment. You may not request a payment plan if you are under the age of 17 or charged with an offense under the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code, Tobacco offense or violation of the Texas Penal Code. All requests MUST include a payment plan request form and a photo ID. Incomplete submission will be denied. Your request will be reviewed by court staff and you will be contacted by email once a determination has been reached on your eligibility. Allow up to 10 business days for court staff to process your request. By filing a request you are waiving your right to a trial and entering a plea of NO CONTEST. By doing so this may result in a conviction on your driving or criminal record. You also are agreeing to make your first payment at the time the request is approved, without a payment, your request will be denied and your appearance before the judge will be required.
Please note, if you have been set for show cause docket and need to restart your payment plan, you must do so in person.
*Recommended amount for payment plan: $100 down, $100 a month. If further arrangements are to be made, please contact the court at 903-892-7295.

List two (2) names of friends or family members that have contact with you on a regular basis (Phone numbers must be different from your own):

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