Next Level Training Speed Camp

Become faster, stronger and more athletic by improving your quickness, coordination and speed for any sport through the Speed & Agility Camp.  Drills are designed to help develop good form, increase flexibility, speed, strength, endurance and improve your overall performance.  Next Level Training is focused on development of athletic performance and competition at every level. Each day will have a sport specific training.

Mon- Basketball Speed
Tue- Soccer Speed
Wed- All Sports Speed
Thur- Pee Wee Speed (Ages 2-6)

Days:         Monday-Thursday
Begins:     First Session begins Feb. 5
Time:         4:15PM- 5:30PM
Ages:         5 years and older
Location:   Taylor St. Gym
Cost:          $15/ single day
                   $30/ week
                   $60/ month
                   $150/ 3 months
                   $10 discount for each additional sibling per month up to 4 siblings.

speed camp