Public Safety Assistants (PSA)

Public Safety Assistants provide a variety of services for the City of Sherman including a reporting system that is convenient and responsive to the public.

If you prefer the convenience of making a report by phone, you may contact our Communications Office at 903-892-7290 and be transferred to a Public Safety Assistant.  If a PSA is not immediately available, the Communications Office will schedule you for the next available appointment and a PSA will contact you.
Public Safety Assistants make the community safer by reducing the non-emergency call load for patrol officers; however, you may request a Police Officer at anytime.

Public Safety Assistants generally respond to calls when:
  • the offense is not in progress;
  • there is no threat or danger to any person;
  • there are no suspects at, or in, the general area of the scene;
  • an immediate apprehension of the suspect cannot be made; or
  • there is a time delay in the reporting of the offense
Public Safety Assistants respond to:
  • Burglary of Motor Vehicles
  • Burglary of Coin Operated Machines
  • Check Forgeries (need copy of checks and Affidavit of Forgery from Bank)
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Found Property
  • Supplement Reports
  • Harassment
  • Thefts
  • Identity Theft (Documentation showing person's personal information was used to obtain credit without their knowledge or consent)

Public Safety Assistants also: 
  • Provide information regarding community services
  • Enforce parking ordinances
  • Collect documentation (files, videos, records, etc.)