The physical ability test (PAT) utilized by the Sherman Police Department is designed to asses a candidate’s ability to physically perform the essential job functions of a police officer. Police applicants will be required to pass a physical ability test as part of the application process. Those applicants that cannot pass the PAT will not be allowed to continue in the process. Applicants will only be given one opportunity to pass the PAT. 

The PAT is offered in one format: Timed 2000 Meter row – The department uses the Concept 2 rower and the resistance setting shall be set to “5” for all assessments.  

The minimum standard for each applicant is based on age, weight, and gender. Using the Concept 2 2000 meter row calculator on the machine; applicants must pass the fitness evaluation at 50% based on standardized age, weight, and gender norms to be considered for employment.