Main Breaks

  Main Break

Reporting Main Breaks

You can report water main breaks 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including holidays) by calling our customer service number at 903-892-7258.

Water Main Breaks

Signs of a broken water main are water running down the street and buckled pavement. Main breaks may leave specific areas without water. Based on the size of the main pipeline break and the time required to locate and mark utilities, residents may experience delays in service as crews repair breaks and restore water service. Listed below are the steps involved in the actual repair of a main break. These will provide clarity to better understand the repair process.

Procedures to Repair Main Breaks

  • An employee is dispatched to verify the address and specific location of the leak or main break
  • Dispatchers contact the firm who marks the location of all nearby utilities (gas, telephone, electric and cable)
  • The relayed main break is logged into the system
  • Reports are received at the 24-Hour Customer Service Center (phone number 903-892-7258)
  • This verification is phoned in to dispatch and logged into the system
Note: The firm has up to two hours to mark the utilities. Often water personnel arrive before their staff, but cannot proceed until they receive approval. Once approval is received to dig, a crew will proceed with repairs. A standard repair takes four to five hours to complete.