Animal Ordinances

Pet & Animal Ordinances
Below are summaries of some important ordinances relating to pets and animals. If you would like a copy of these city ordinances, please stop by the Sherman Animal Shelter and pick up a copy. Or, you may call and give us your address, and we will bring a copy to your residence if you live within the city limits of Sherman.

The City of Sherman ordinances requires the following:
  • All pets are required to be properly vaccinated against rabies. This follows after their initial vaccination against rabies at the age of three months.
  • All pets must wear their current rabies vaccination tags at all times. These tags are vital if your pet is lost, stolen or injured while running at large.
  • A dog owner must keep their dog on a leash at all times in public areas, such as parks. While out-of-doors on the owner’s private property, an unattended dog must be fastened to a leash, chain or other device or left within a fence adequate to prevent the dog from leaving the yard.
  • The City of Sherman does not have a leash law for cats. However, if a cat is trespassing on another citizen’s property, the citizen can request the Sherman Animal Shelter to trap and remove the cat from their property.
  • It is unlawful for a pet owner or any person to:
    • Abuse or cruelly mistreat any animal; fail to give an animal proper food, water and shelter; or to abandon an animal
    • Allow their animal to run free in city parks
    • Allow their pet’s quarters to become unsanitary and create odors to others
    • Fail to prevent their animal from running at large within the city limits
    • Harbor an animal that is not vaccinated against rabies
    • Harbor a vicious animal within the city limits
  • What may happen if you do not take proper care of your pet:
    • All strays are held for three days and then become the property of the city. At that time, they are either placed in the adoption program or put to sleep, depending on available space in the shelter.
    • It may be impounded at the City of Sherman Animal Shelter, and you will be charged to reclaim your pet. You may also be issued citations.
    • It may be killed or injured on the streets or highways of the city.
    • You may be summoned to Municipal Court for not complying with the City Code of Ordinances.