Water Production

Water and Wastewater Problems
For all emergency Water and Wastewater related problems other than billing call 903-892-7258. This line is answered 24 hours a day, seven days per week. For non emergency problems, feel free to use our online request tracker. Problems may include breaks and leaks in water mains. Questions concerning water quality can also be directed here. 

Billing Issues

For problems with billing, please call Utility Billing at 903-892-7237. Office hours are 7:45 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday; closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Our Utility Billing department is located on the first floor of the Municipal Building at 405 N Rusk.

Line Locate Scheduling

If you would like to schedule line locations please contact 903-892-7298 or feel free to use our online request tracker.

Drinking Water System

Two primary sources supply water for the water system: ground water comes from a system of wells in the surrounding area and surface water is obtained from Lake Texoma, located approximately 15 miles to the north. The surface water is processed in a modern water treatment plant prior to entering the delivery system. Well water is treated on-site at the source.

Water Mains

An extensive system of water mains delivers the water to customers within the city and to a few customers in the surrounding area. The system of mains is divided into two major segments. The surface section delivers surface water and is primarily located in the northern and western sections of town. The ground section delivers ground water, primarily to the eastern and central sections of town. In an emergency, the two segments of water delivery system can be connected.

Additional Information