Industrial Pretreatment Program

Program Objectives 

Through an Industrial Pretreatment Program, the City of Sherman administers local, state, and federal regulations to control the discharge of pollutants into the sewer system from commercial and industrial sources. The program allows the legal authority to issue industrial user permits, conduct inspections, sample discharges and enforce regulations.

The City of Sherman’s wastewater treatment process treats household waste and biodegradable commercial and industrial waste, but not designed to treat toxic pollutants. Toxic pollutants and other objectionable wastes may cause serious treatment problems for the city. These problems may be prevented by recycling, pollution prevention, chemical substitution, pretreatment or other best management practices (BMPs) to reduce or eliminate the discharge of harmful pollutants. The Pretreatment Program protects the treatment workers and the treatment process by working with businesses to minimize harmful pollutant discharges.  

Significant Industrial Users

Currently, thirteen significant industrial users are permitted to discharge industrial waste into the sewer system. Some of Sherman’s industry categories include food and beverage manufacturing, metal finishing, fertilizer manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, aluminum forming, health care services, personal care products and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Minor Industrial Users

Approximately 200 additional minor industrial users including operations such as machining, fabrication, equipment repair, manufacturing, funeral services, health care, health and beauty services, photo finishing and laundry services discharge wastewater into the sewer system.


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