Monthly Reading

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

The City of Sherman has completed the transition from our current automated drive-by meter reading system to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Prior to the AMI System, meter readings were collected via a drive-by system, which was implemented in 2004. AMI goes beyond simply collecting a read for monthly billing. AMI is a system that measures, collects and analyzes water usage data. Water meter readings are automatically transmitted hourly to the utility office, giving the City the ability to track trends, help plan for future growth and provide customers with detailed information about the water usage. AMI will move the City to a platform that will evolve as our needs change.

There are four (4) primary reading zones, as the city is divided into Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest sections. If you would like to view your meter readings, please contact the Customer & Utility Service department at 903-892-7237, for more information.

Monthly Reading of Water Meters

The City of Sherman is geographically divided into four zones. All water meters are read monthly. The meters are read via an electronic radio frequency device. These devices electronically send the meter readings to the utility office, where the reads are audited for accuracy. Any read that appears to be inaccurate is manually verified.