Effective June 15, 2020, the City of Sherman has suspended curbside recycling and implemented single-stream, drop-off recycling at our East Street Collection Facility.

Why did the City make this decision?

After China and other overseas markets for recyclable goods decided to stop importing American recyclables in 2018, the City of Sherman lost the ability to market co-mingled products unless those products were deemed exceptionally clean. In an effort to clean the stream, the City moved to an opt-in recycling program while also tightening the list of acceptable recyclables. Unfortunately, after two years of opt-in, more than 90% of Sherman’s recycling loads are still being rejected. That means 90% of your recycling is ending up in the landfill – at great expense to the City and its citizens.

Where can I take my recycling now?

Starting June 15th, the City of Sherman will no longer pick up recycling at the curb. However, those who would still like to recycle are encouraged to bring sorted recyclables to the City’s collection facility on East Street. There, residents can place used goods into single-stream bins (metal separated from plastic separated from cardboard, etc.) Co-mingled recyclables will no longer be accepted, and co-mingling of recyclables will result in everyone’s recycling being rejected and dumped by our solid waste staff.

What should I do with my old recycling can?

Those citizens with yellow lids on their recycling cans have several options:
1. Continue to use the can for recyclables, to be hauled to East Street by the customer.
2. Place the can on the curb and use it as a second trash can.
3. Contact the City’s solid waste department and relinquish the can.

When will curbside recycling return?

In order for the City to restart curbside recycling, either the global market will need to rebound or a domestic market for these goods will need to emerge. Until that time, single-stream recycling at the East Street facility will be citizens’ best option.

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