CDBG Activities

Housing Rehabilitation
A program of housing rehabilitation will be provided to low and moderate income homeowners who reside within the city limits of Sherman, to rehabilitate their properties to standing code requirements. Rehabilitation will be based on specific need(s) of the home to provide those rehabilitation activities required to preserve the life expectancy of the home and the overall revitalization of the neighborhoods. Expenditures will be limited to $5,000 per housing unit under this activity.

Demolition / Clearance
A program to demolish vacant, substandard structures and clear property lots which pose a risk to health / safety of low-moderate income target neighborhoods. The clearance of these lots not only addresses the problem of slum and blight, but provides vacant lots which can be utilized for new homes.

Public Services
Specific programs may vary from year to year, but the basic goal of public service allocations will allow low and moderate-income residents of the city to receive assistance for a range of services from crisis situations (such as victim’s assistance and homeless shelter) to transportation services, to crime prevention in the public housing areas of the city. These services add a level of quality of life that would be otherwise unattainable for these citizens.