1. 5 MGD North WTP Expansion (UF/RO)
  2. 15  MGD WTP South (UF/RO)
  3. Sherman WTP Concentrate Discharge System
  4. 36 Inch West Sherman Water Main
  5. 2 MG Elevated Storage Tank
  6. Lake Texoma Pump Station Expansion 2023
  7. Shepherd Drive - Interurban Parkway to US Hwy 75
  8. South WWTP - MBR
  9. Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan

5 MGD North WTP Expansion (UF/RO)

Description: Improvements to the water treatment plant include design and construction services intended to expand the current capacities by 5 million gallons per day.

Consultant: Garver

Contractor: Archer Western 

Estimated Cost: $14.1 Million

Estimated Design Completion: 4th Quarter 2022

Estimated Construction Completion: 1st Quarter 2024