Caregiver & Educator Links

Helpful Links for Parents

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or a parent looking to find reliable websites for your child's homework (or for fun!), we want to showcase websites to help! We only add websites that have been reviewed and recommended by library and early education journals.           


  • Be Internet Awesome: This features educational resources for educators and parents regarding kid safety online and how to teach kids to be safe online.
  • Child's World Book Links: If you check out any of the Child's World books, then you can access extra on-line information from its web site. Just enter in the title of the book and your children have related web sites to explore!
  • Guinness World Records: Does your child ever wonder, "Who set this record?"...or, "Has this thing I do really well been set as a record?" Explore together on the Guinness World Records Official web site!
  • Sesame Workshop: This Sesame Street resource has a variety of early learning materials with an abundance of activities, videos, and tips for caregivers on how to address both tough and everyday topics.
  • World Book: Typical Course of Study: Get curriculum guides for preschool to 12th grade.



  • ALA Awards: The American Library Association grants awards to many books and media annually. They also compile Best Books lists. This website includes a wide range of lists, from child to adult, from fiction to non-fiction, audio, and more. 
  • American Indians in Children's Lit: An excellent blog about the representation of Native Americans in children's literature of the past and the present. It includes Best Books bibliographies .
  • Children's Book List: Compiled by Vanderbilt University's Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning, this booklist covers topics including being a friend, feelings of all sorts, and grief. 
  • Texas Library Association Reading Lists: Need some recommended reading for you child? The Texas Library Association provides reading lists for most age groups, from 2 years old to high school. This site includes the Texas Bluebonnet list. Current year and past years are included, as well.
  • HAISLINHouston Area Independent School Library Network come out with annual reading lists. Categorized by two grade levels, e.g. a preK and kindergarten list.
  • Social and Emotional Learning through Literature: Bank Street College of Education compiled booklists under two themes to help children develop their social and emotional beings. The themes are Accepting One Another, Fitting In and Identity and Bully and Teasing. Each theme has a booklist for children 8 and younger and another for children 9 and older.
  • Tips for Reading with Soon-to-be Kindergartners & First Graders: Tips from literacy teacher, Jill Eisenberg.


Musicians and the Arts  

  Health and Well-Being

 History & Government

  • Ellis Island: Genealogy CenterWant to help a kid begin into his or her leap into locating ancestors? This website is a great start to genealogy! Also, check out the Library's access to as well.
  • Military Resources: World War I: From the National Archive, articles on the War, yet includes links to other sites which include songs and maps.  
  • World War I PostersSearch through 1,900 images of posters used for World War I.  

 Science & Math

  • Animal Fact Guide: An annotated list of animal websites.
  • Consumer Finance: Parents and caregivers, help your kids learn about finances with ideas from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau!
  • National Zoo: Come check out the Smithsonian's National Zoo website! They have live animal cams. 
  • NOAA Educational Resources: Weather and Atmosphere: Doing a unit on weather? Check out the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration website. It has links to information, video clips, activities, and more on El Niño, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and other weather related topics. On the top link, there are other topics you can explore, such as marine life and climate.

Test Creation and Test Help

  • ImageQuiz: Use an image and create questions for it when the student clicks on various parts of it. 
  • PlayPositUsing pre-loaded videos on a topic, make a questionnaire for the student to answer as he or she watches the video. 
  • TexShare Databases: Different databases to help your child succeed. Elementary & Middle School Students can use Searchasaurus and Kids Search databases. Middle and High School Students should use Student Research Center. LearningExpress Library helps students prepare for major tests. Please contact the Sherman Public Library at 903-892-7240 for login information.