Building Department

Welcome to the City of Sherman Building Inspections. We are here to assist residents and contractors by providing a safe working environment and to ensure compliance of the building codes, ordinances, regulations and standards set forth by the city and other regulatory agencies are met by issuing permits when required, reviewing plans and performing necessary inspections on buildings and structures during the construction process.


Inspections may be scheduled by calling our 24-hour inspection request line at 903-892-7032 or through the MyGov Program.

Building Code Update
Effective March 8, 2021 the City of Sherman will be under the 2018 ICC Building Codes and the 2020 National Electrical Code

You may order all adopted codes through the International Code Council.

Required inspections:

  • T Pole
  • Loop
  • Rough-In
  • Ceiling / Walls
  • Final
  • Rough-In
  • Top Out
  • Gas
  • Fixtures
  • Final
  • Rough-In
  • Duct
  • Final
  • Stringline
  • Foundation
  • Framing
  • Brick ties
  • Certificate of Occupancy
* Heating, ventilation and air conditioning