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Personal Reference Form

  1. 1. How long have you known the applicant?

  2. 2. Are you related to the applicant in any way?

  3. 4. How well acquainted are you with the applicant?

  4. Reliability:

  5. Honesty:

  6. Integrity:

  7. 8. Do you have knowledge of any domestic disputes involving the applicant?

  8. 9. What kind of driver is the applicant?

  9. 10. Has the applicant been involved in any actions with the police that you know of?

  10. 11. Does the applicant abuse alcohol or drugs?

  11. 12. Do you know of any community organizations the applicant is active with?

  12. 13. Do you recommend the applicant for a position of trust as a member of the Sherman Police Department

  13. 14. Can you name two other people who know the applicant well?

  14. Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address

  15. Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address

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