317 S Travis St
Sherman, TX 75090




Name Title Email Phone
Flores, Zachary Chief of Police 903-892-7381
Jeffcoat, Jason Assistant Chief, Criminal Investigations Bureau 903-892-7323
Dawsey, Bruce Assistant Chief, Patrol Bureau 903-892-7249
Fair, Bob Assistant Chief, Public Safety Support Bureau 903-892-7337
Kennemer, John Lieutenant, Office of Professional Standards 903-892-7148
Dean, Stephen Lieutenant, Administrative Bureau 903-892-7336
Mullen, Brett Sergeant, Public Information Officer 903-328-3010
Trisler, Wes Lieutenant, Patrol 903-892-7369
Hampton, DM Lieutenant, Patrol 903-892-7365
Wolff, Karen Secretary to the Chief of Police 903-892-7381
Capps, Jarena Administrative Coordinator 903-892-7397
Buskirk, Kent PD Computer System Administrator 903-892-7186

Criminal Investigations 

Name Title Email Phone
Emmons, Nic Lieutenant 903-892-7279
Day, Riley Sergeant 903-892-7284
Ballew, Rob Detective 903-892-7246
Bunetto, Jamie Detective 903-892-7335
Coveney, Kevin Corporal 903-892-7282
Cox, Jeremy Sergeant, Special Investigations 903-892-7075
Hapiuk, Ryan Detective 903-892-7324
Halter, Tyler Detective 903-892-7374
Riffe, Talia Detective 903-892-7341
Withrow, Eric Detective, Family Services 903-892-7322
Stoy, Kent Detective 903-892-7346
McClaran, Brian Detective, Special Investigations 903-892-7297
Dutton, Drew Detective, Special Investigations 903-892-6152
Aviles, Alex Detective, Special Investigations 903-328-3205

Patrol Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Trisler, Wes Lieutenant, Patrol 903-892-7369
Hampton, D.M. Lieutenant, Patrol 903-892-7365

Communications Center 

Name Title Email Phone
Stenger, Tracy Supervisor 903-892-7185
Mulkey, Amanda Assistant Supervisor 903-892-7290

Property and Evidence 

Name Title Email Phone
Carson, Chris Sergeant, Supervisor 903-892-7340


317 S Travis St.
Sherman, TX 75091

Name Title Email Phone
Curry, Joanna Supervisor 903-892-7082