Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU)

The Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU) of the Sherman Police Department provides a reporting system that is convenient and responsive to the public and reduces the non-emergency call load for patrol officers, whenever possible.

TRU is available to take reports over the phone or in person Monday-Friday from 9 am to 3:30 pm. Appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes. The Clerk may be unable to take your report in person or over the phone during your initial contact if other appointments have already been scheduled. 

You may contact Dispatch any time at 903-892-7290 to schedule an appointment with the TRU clerk.

Calls Eligible for TRU
Calls would generally qualify for the TRU if there is no crime scene processing or evidence collected required, and;
  • the offense is not in progress;
  • there is no threat or danger to any person;
  • there are no suspects at, or in, the general area of the scene;
  • an immediate apprehension of the suspect cannot be made; or
  • there is a time delay in the reporting of the offense

If the TRU is available and the complainant desires to make a telephone report, they will be transferred to the TRU.
If the TRU is not available, an appointment will be made.

Examples of Calls Eligible for the TRU
  • Burglary of Coin Operated Machines
  • Burglary of Motor Vehicles
  • Check Forgeries (need copy of checks and Affidavit of Forgery from Bank)
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Found Property, except property that could be considered a threat to public safety
  • Lost Property that could be considered a threat to public safety
  • Criminal Trespass (except juveniles and adults w/o identification); Criminal Trespass warning must have been previously issued by Officer
  • Supplement Reports
  • Harassment
  • Thefts
  • Identity Theft, when TRU is immediately available (Documentation showing person's personal information was used to obtain credit without their knowledge or consent)

Examples of Calls Not Eligible for the TRU
Calls that are civil or social in nature will be referred to an appropriate agency/entity.
  • Non-violent Child Custody Disputes;
  • Property Boundary Disputes;
  • Rental/Lease Disputes;
  • Child not obeying the parent