Special Event Permits

Special Event Qualifications
Events or organized activities that occur on public property and involve street closures or include event components requiring the coordination of a number of city departments or other agencies, such as the use of alcohol, on-site cooking, food sales or large-scale temporary structures, typically are reviewed through the special events permitting process. Examples include festivals, parades, runs / walks, farmer’s markets and other planned group activities.

Permit Process
Through our one-stop permitting process, an event organizer can work with the city to plan all aspects of their event that relate to the use of public property. Your completed application and any required attachments must be submitted prior to the cut-off deadline listed in the appropriate information packet.

Residential Block Party
Residential Block Parties are also coordinated through the City.   If you have any questions regarding a Residential Block Party, contact Sheila Davis at 903-892-7230.

Special Event and Residential Block Party Applications are available in the Human Resources Office located on the 1st floor of the Municipal Building at 405 N Rusk St.